A thorough process - delivered

We place a great deal of emphasis on the thoroughness of our selection processes to ensure you don’t waste your time interviewing people who aren’t fully qualified. We only provide highly applicable and pre-qualified candidates, and we only submit our best prospects. Typically we don’t provide more than two candidates for any position.

Our process typically includes multiple touch points, and always includes the following core steps:

Initial phone screen
Assess education, qualifications, skill levels and experience. Make sure interests, location preferences and compensation expectations are aligned.

In person interview at one of our branch locations
In depth examination of the candidate’s resume & technical abilities, together with an assessment of their “work readiness” including interpersonal skills and punctuality. Confirm they have a thorough understanding of the job requirements and administer any specific tests you provide.

Contact of managerial references
Gather opinions from at least three former managers as to whether the candidate is a good fit for your job, from both a technical and interpersonal perspective.

Interview with client manager
Only once all of the above steps have been completed is the candidate passed to your client manager for consideration. Your client manager is in regular contact with you and is closest to understanding your requirements. Only with their approval will we present a candidate for interview.

Interview accompaniment
We’ll accompany each of our candidates to every interview, to ensure you don’t waste time on no-shows, and to make sure any feedback can quickly be delivered.